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Summit Agenda

January 16: DevOps & ITSM

Organizations are different when it comes to processes. Some are very process driven, hence they prefer ITIL, while others prefer DevOps to support their fast changing IT environments. While ITIL is widely known in the industry, DevOps still remains an underexplored area.

January 17: Problem, Change and Configuration Management

With the rise in IoT, AI and Machine Learning technologies, it is almost impossible to ignore their impact on the ITSM industry. How should ITSM professionals handle these changes, especially during the transition? Join the summit to hear experts discuss the matter.

January 18: Optimizing IT Operations Management

Ensuring that all day-to-day operational activities are carried out in a timely and reliable way is very difficult when there are so many details to take into account such as: infrastructure security, the type of cloud and data centre etc.

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ITSM and ITIL Framework

The ITIL framework typically defines best practices for designing, improving and managing ITSM solutions, which are usually designed to meet ITIL recommendations. How does ITSM fit in with the ITIL framework, and how can it add value to the process? Hear from leading service management experts as they discuss real-life examples of implementing and maintaining an effective framework.

Featured Summit

ITSM for 2018

Few consumers or small businesses today have an IT pro on speed-dial. In 2018 we suspect that will start to change. New opportunities are arising as products become more and more interconnected, support will become it’s own product, keeping more than just big businesses connected. Listen as experts discuss industry in 2017 and how you can prepare for what’s next in 2018.