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We’d like to invite you to join BrightTALK’s upcoming virtual summit for a global, three-day online event. Register for free thought leadership from the world’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists in the form of live webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations and webcam videos. From Engineers and Security Professionals, to IT Operations, CISOs and CTOs, professionals from a diverse range of technical backgrounds are welcome!

Summit Agenda

September 12: Asia Pacific Cybercrime: Ransomware, DDoS & More

Discover more about cybercrime in the Asia Pacific region with expert talks on ransomware, DDoS & more.

September 13: Securing Asia Pacific's IoT

Learn from our Summit’s thought leaders about the explosive growth of Asia Pacific’s ‘Internet of Things’ – the vulnerabilities that will arise and how to defend against them.

September 14: Data Protection & Privacy in Asia Pacific

Tune into this track to hear from expert speakers discussing GDPR’s influence on Asia Pacific-based companies; data protection best-practices and much more.

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Data Protection in the Age of Ransomware

With high-profile ransomware attacks on the rise in 2017 (Wannacry, NotPetya), organizations worldwide are investing in cybersecurity to ensure their most critical data assets are protected. From educating employees to implementing technology, discover the key areas enterprises are focusing on and the steps to develop a robust security strategy.

Featured Summit

The 2018 Threatscape

A look back at the costliest attacks and the most newsworthy breaches of the year. Who or what has been to blame and what lessons can you the security professionals take from the year? We’ll be hosting the top industry experts to get their thoughts on the big threats and key vulnerabilities to watch out for in the new year and crucially what you can do to keep your organization breach free in 2018.