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Summit Agenda

February 6: Recruiting Top Talent

Discover effective strategies for sourcing and recruiting the best talent.

February 7: Employee Engagement

Discover the employee engagement trends that are shaping 2018.

February 8: Performance Management

Develop insights into how to make performance management an on-going communication throughout the entire year, not just at the annual review.

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Recruiting Top Talent

In a competitive hiring environment, top talent is hard to find. Today’s recruiters have many ways to identify, attract and source top talent. Hiring and retaining top talent is key to a company’s success! Companies must adopt talent acquisition strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve. Learn world-class strategies and techniques on how to source and retain your talent.

Featured Summit

Employee Morale and Engagement

Employee morale and engagement can have a profound effect on an organisation as well-known companies like Google and Facebook continue to lead others with
coveted, yet often unattainable, work environments. Morale and engagement can have an effect on many different aspects of the business including staff retention, achieving business goals, productivity and profitability.

This climate is built in the light of practices focused the employee and how employees react to these organisational practices is vital to understanding how a work environment is built within the business. Join experts and leading vendors from around the world as they explore how organisations can transform company morale and motivation.