Enabling Threat Detection and Response

July 25-27, 2023

Detect and prevent the most pervasive cyber threats with these expert tips and proven success strategies.

The cyber threat landscape is more complex and insidious than ever before. With so many threats lurking and so many available attack vectors, organizations must have a comprehensive view of what they are up against and how to best face possible attacks. Hear from leading experts about the most common, pervasive threats striking companies, the best monitoring and analytics strategies out to there to quell them, and the most effective methods for stopping threats.

View on-demand webinars and fireside chats from leading innovators, vendors and evangelists.

Enabling Threat Detection and Response

July 25-27, 2023


Understanding the Threat Landscape

July 25, 2023
Discover the top threats wreaking havoc today including ransomware, phishing, malware, crypto scams and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Security Monitoring and Analytics

July 26, 2023
Explore leading monitoring and analytic solutions to help detect and respond to potentially devastating threats.

Threat Hunting Methods

July 27, 2023
Learn expert strategies for hunting down and eliminating the many threats lurking in today’s attack landscape.


Image for Steve Levinson

Steve Levinson

Vice President – Risk, Security, and Privacy / Security Officer

Online Business Systems

Image for Elango Balusamy

Elango Balusamy

Co-founder & CTO

SquareShift Technologies

Image for Jessica Gulick

Jessica Gulick

CEO, Katzcy

VP, Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu

Image for Pompeya Lambrecht

Pompeya Lambrecht

Senior International Trade Specialist

US Commercial Service

Image for Natalie Timms

Natalie Timms

Security Operations Specialist


Image for Vincent Amanyi

Vincent Amanyi


Boleaum Inc.

Image for Ellen Meinhart

Ellen Meinhart

Senior International Trade Manager

Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Image for Leonard Kleinman

Leonard Kleinman

Field Chief Technology Officer and Evangelist – Cortex

Palo Alto Networks

Image for Vladimir Kuskov

Vladimir Kuskov

Head of Threat Exploration


Image for Martin Walter

Martin Walter



Image for John Bambeneck

John Bambeneck


Bambenek Consulting

Image for Terry McGraw

Terry McGraw

Deputy Chief Threat Intelligence Officer


Image for Joe Tibbetts

Joe Tibbetts

Senior Director of Technology Alliances & API Program


Image for Willie Tejada

Willie Tejada



Image for Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O’Connor

Director of Threat Research


Image for Nikita Nazarov

Nikita Nazarov

Malware Analyst Team Lead


Image for Artem Karasev

Artem Karasev

Product Marketing Lead


Image for Ed Gardner

Ed Gardner

Principal Consultant

New England Safety Partners

Image for Mick Leach

Mick Leach

Head of Security Operations

Abnormal Security

Image for Fernando Serto

Fernando Serto

Field CTO (APJC)


Image for Ben Munroe

Ben Munroe

Senior Director, Field Marketing, APJC