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We’d like to invite you to join BrightTALK’s upcoming Investment Management Q2 2018 summit for a global, two-day online event. Register for free thought leadership from the world’s top fund management speakers, specialists and evangelists in the form of live webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations and webcam videos. From Investment and Financial Advisors, to Wealth Managers and Discretionary Asset Managers, professionals from across the investment management industry are welcome!

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As the Trump administration enters its second year, Britain follows its path of isolation and the world continues to shift, make sure you know where risk will potentially lie and how to adapt your investment strategy accordingly. Find out how the markets performed in Q1 and what to do next in Q2 2018 in this event.

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Multi-Asset Investing Summit

The global financial crisis underlined the importance of diversification, and a growing number of professional advisers now look to multi-asset solutions to reap the benefits of portfolio balance across asset classes, geographies and management styles. This BrightTALK Summit will help you make sense of the huge choice of multi-asset options available for your investment process.

Featured Summit

Absolute Returns: Weathering All Markets

Absolute Return funds have exploded in popularity in recent years, seeking to deliver positive returns in all market conditions. Political instability, stretched market valuations, uncertain monetary policy and heightened volatility have all attracted investors to these funds, but concerns still persist about how easy they are to understand and the reality of returning ‘alpha’ without the associated volatility risk. This BrightTALK Summit will empower you with the solutions to navigate risk, and the strategies to remain successful in any environment.