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Sales Training & Leadership

Fifty percent of all sales teams do not have a sales playbook and 66% of all sales reps don’t hit quota, according to a report by the TAS Group. To drive results, the structure needs to be in place. It starts with a consistent coaching environment and evaluation processes to proper and always-on approach for training the sales reps. Hear from sales experts as they discuss strategies for inside sales, management and leadership in your sales org.

Effective Sales Strategy

In order to increase revenue, every sales organization has to have effective sales strategies. Every sales team must have a strategic plan delineating their goals, evaluating sales methodologies and sales processes set out by management. Hear from titans from the industry as they discuss effective, real-life strategies to identify Ideal customer profiles, qualify prospects and close deals.

Sales Acceleration

Growing revenue at an accelerated pace is difficult. New technologies allow the increased ability to measure and track the impact of sales acceleration tools and software. Learn how to use data and technology to shorten sales cycles at a scalable and predictable manner.