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The Blockchain Summit

We’d like to invite you to join BrightTALK’s upcoming virtual summit for a global, three-day online event. Register for free thought leadership from the world’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists in the form of live webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations and webcam videos. From Engineers and Developers, to IT Operations, Storage and CTOs, professionals from a diverse range of technical …

The Data Economy

The data revolution is well underway, bolstered by the continued growth of data production and need for analysis. As the next frontier for world markets, big data is undoubtedly the biggest influence on business profitability in decades. However, with that comes challenges, threats, and growing pains. This summit covers the importance of data governance & compliance across the business, the long-term value of data integrity, and the global shift to data normalization, all on the road to data monetization.

BrightTALK @ VMworld US 2018

Discover a day of thought leadership and education for professionals in cloud infrastructure, virtualization and digital transformation. From digital workspaces and business mobility, to hyper-converged and VDI, this event is a must-attend. Join us for live panel discussions and expert interviews from VMware and more.

Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries

At-risk industries, such as the financial sector, healthcare, energy and utility companies, and other critical infrastructure, are facing increased threat of cyber attacks and disruption. Top security experts will discuss the challenges of securing these industries from motivated attackers. CISOs from across the board will share their recommendations on how to protect against ransomware, breaches and cyber attacks aimed at stealing user data and disrupting operations that put all of us at risk.

BrightTALK @ Black Hat & Def Con 2018

Learn the biggest trends shaping information security by engaging with key experts and thought leaders at Black Hat and Def Con. Join exclusive livestream panels in real time on as we discuss the latest cyber threats, technological advancements and shifts in security culture.

BrightTALK @ RSA APJ Conference 2018

Discover the latest security trends from RSA Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan. Join the livestream panel discussions in real time with some of the leading security experts on cyber attacks, cloud and IoT security.

Security Analytics and Cyber Threat Intelligence

As cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and attacks more damaging, organizations of all sizes are turning to security analytics and threat intelligence to drive their cyber defenses. Knowing the ins and outs of the cyber threat landscape so your security team can launch the proper response is crucial in this age of high-profile attacks and breaches. CISOs, security engineers and incident responders will look into the value of accurate and predictive threat intelligence, coupled with responsive security analytics as essential tools in the fight against cyber attacks.

BrightTALK @ The Blockchain Summit 2018

Get ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in two whole days of sessions on Blockchain, DLT, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs straight from the largest Blockchain event in Europe. Join over 3,000 delegates via livestream where you’ll see video panels and keynote sessions as evangelists debate Blockchain use cases and reveal what’s next for this groundbreaking technology.

The Intelligence of Things

With the increase in IoT devices deployed, 50 billion by 2020, comes an exponential increase in the data being produced. The boom of data has businesses eager to analyze the trillions of data points smarter and faster. Discover the next revolution in IoT as the industry pushes for intelligent devices with stream processing, edge computing, and A.I. innovations.

Securing the IoT

Gartner predicts there will be 21 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020. Most of them will not have even basic security built in by the manufacturer, putting the pressure of securing these devices on consumers, businesses and their security teams. IT and IoT leaders will discuss the biggest IoT security challenges, the new threats and vulnerabilities on the horizon and the tools specializing in protecting the IoT.