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Artificial Intelligence in Business

The market has moved from initial hyperbolical futurism associated with the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and into real world use cases and deployments. The transformational shift in computational power, speed, and accuracy brought forth by A.I. has businesses automating and accelerating potentially everything’s time-to-value. This summit covers machine learning algorithms fitted for better cloud operations, the nature of predictive and prescriptive analytics in business, and the emerging trends & technologies humans have schemed for A.I.

The Economics of Cybersecurity

Gartner predicts cybersecurity spend grew 7 percent to $86 billion in 2017. With high-profile breaches and cyber attacks on the rise, security professionals are under increased pressure to better protect their organizations. This summit will explore why investing in cybersecurity makes business sense and what CISOs, CSOs, and CIOs need to know to better communicate their security strategy to the board.

GDPR: Deadline Day and Beyond

It’s here. After months of planning and preparation you should now be prepared for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations. This BrightTALK special Summit will focus on the three pillars of GDPR: protection, compliance and response. We’ve arranged the leading speakers from the industry to give their insights into the steps that you need to take to ensure you’re fully up to speed.

The Hadoop Summit

Hadoop has an undeniable foothold in data analytics through the continued growth of big data. It’s widely known that Hadoop has provided businesses the ability to store and process data at a fraction of the cost and speed of legacy tactics. As the data economy continues to grow, both in producers and utilizers, businesses must look to establish themselves as the premier data stewards within their market. Learn about the development of data lakes, best practices when scaling and operating Hadoop at an enterprise level, and governing & securing your Hadoop ecosystem in the age of the cyber threat.

Securing the IoT

Gartner predicts there will be 21 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020. Most of them will not have even basic security built in by the manufacturer, putting the pressure of securing these devices on consumers, businesses and their security teams. IT and IoT leaders will discuss the biggest IoT security challenges, the new threats and vulnerabilities on the horizon and the tools specializing in protecting the IoT.

Security and Risk in Fintech and Finance

Finance is all about risk, trust and security – but as Fintech pushes the world of Finance into the future, the threats and challenges get event greater. From authentication to encryption, and from fraud to data privacy, attend this summit to discover how Finance and Fintech are getting more secure, and the regulations, methods and strategies that ensure our trust.

The State of IoT & IIoT

Unlock the potential for new product innovation and business models within the vastly expanding landscape of IoT and IIoT. The use of tools such as sensors, data analytics and 5G are enabling enterprises to define new products and delivery models across industrial, manufacturing and technology industries. Blockchain is going beyond cryptocurrencies, opening up brand new opportunities for smart cities, the Internet of Things, and a multi-billion dollar market potential. Discover the possibilities of blockchain and IoT.

Fighting Cybercrime: Defending the Fortress

Cybercrime inevitably increases year-in-year-out, as the value of stolen data rises exponentially in value, so is there anything that you can do to fight the cyber criminals? This 3 day Summit will feature industry-leading security thinkers discussing the prominent areas that you should be concentrating on. Ransomware, DDoS, Social engineering and more will be covered as our experts give advice on staying secure and protected in 2018.

Big Data Visualization

The future of any business now rides on its ability to quickly act on the vast amount of data being produced in the world today. Corralling the bountiful abundance of big data can be a difficult task, not to mention visualizing it in a way non-IT stakeholders can understand. From data preparation to visualization to insight formulation, this Summit will overview the lifecycle of data and how best to conquer it.

GDPR: 3 Months and Counting

With 3 months to go the countdown to GDPR is ramping up. There’s expectation from across the company that you’ll be ready and the organisation will compliant and ready to react, but will that be the case? Join us for our GDPR special Summit where our invited experts will be discussing the impact and influence of the legislation along with suggesting the steps you need to take to be confident and prepared when May rolls around.