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Solving Security, Authentication and Fraud Challenges

With new technology comes new responsibility. Though the Financial Services sector has always been one that has relied heavily on proper security practices, the disruption in the industry has provided both opportunities and challenges. Listen in to panel sessions with a mix of security experts and innovators who will discuss new breakthroughs in fighting fraud and how your organization can stay safe and secure

Investment Management Q2

Recent events have caused much stock market volatility with fund strategists keeping a careful watch on funds to diversify their portfolios. With many currencies being pegged against the US dollar, all eyes will be on emerging markets funds as well as the results of Theresa May’s decision on Article 50 in March.

Innovation in Payments

Faster, safer, easier, better. The world of payments looks drastically different than it did five years ago. Whether it’s sending money abroad without incurring high exchange fees or using your mobile phone to pay your restaurant bill, innovative solutions have become the new normal. Hear from payments professionals as they discuss real-world Blockchain applications, improvements to payment authentication practices, and the news-worthy advances we can expect to see more of this year.