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Data and Analytics in Financial Services

Gaining better insights into their customers, maintaining regulatory compliance, and detecting and preventing fraud all require proper data analysis and management by financial services professionals. Hear how top analytics experts stay protected, compliant, and successful with the help of data.

Big Data in the Cloud

Businesses must consider the infrastructure implications as they corral data, understand and translate data. Deploying big data projects in various cloud environments and having them interact with one another correctly is only getting more complicated as the world adopts data as its universal language. Learn from the leading experts how to take advantage of the cloud, its infrastructure and analyzing power.

Leading Digital Transformation: A Bizagi Virtual Event

Imagine if your organization was innovating faster than anyone else in the industry, that you were not only increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience, but also reducing costs and constantly creating competitive advantage. Our research shows that companies around the world are doing this right now. Join this online webinar series to hear from people like you who are driving digital change across every industry and get practical advice for how you can do the same.

Implementing ITSM Strategies

In today’s IT environment, service management is applied to best practices, which extends beyond the traditional processes and implementation of aligning IT services. A challenge most organizations face is the process of creating a strategic plan around the practices that gauges the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions. It’s important to measure the progress of your service management plan. Hear from lead experts as they discuss the right metrics to correctly assess your business impact.

Technology Beyond Imagination

Technology has undergone a profound and accelerating transformation in the recent years and there is no sign that this transformation is going to stop any time soon. How do businesses prepare for what is yet to come? How do they master the digital disruption? Do they have to start with the right tools or do they have to choose the right people first? These and other questions will be answered by top IT leaders (from VMWare, Oracle, T-Systems etc.) in descriptive, face2face interviews within the “Technology beyond imagination” summit.

Among the topics discussed are digital transformation in DevOps, EA, IT Security, BCDR, Big Data and AppDev.

Investment Management Q2

Recent events have caused much stock market volatility with fund strategists keeping a careful watch on funds to diversify their portfolios. With many currencies being pegged against the US dollar, all eyes will be on emerging markets funds as well as the results of Theresa May’s decision on Article 50 in March.

Modern Data Architecture

In any revolution, there’s an eventual need for rules and regulations. It’s no secret that recent advancements in technology have created a data revolution in all of us, leading to a great heap of unstructured and structured data. More importantly, however, it demands modern data architectures that reach beyond in-house warehouses. Join this summit to learn what’s new in conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling, as well as, best practices in standardization and governance to help you build and manage a modern data architecture capable of handling any onrush of data.

Data Preparation

It’s the Big Bang of big data; or where it all begins. The foundational first step in data analysis is data preparation. With the potential to derail everything that supersedes it, it’s imperative that the right measures are taken far in advance of any discovery analysis. Join these discussions to learn best practices in proper data cleaning, modeling, transformations and normalization for all data sets.


Join the top fund managers to discuss why a diversified portfolio will yield more returns, especially in trickier times.

Visualization and Data Discovery

Data is not beautiful, data is ugly. What makes data beautiful is in its presentation. In this summit, learn the best methods in visualization infrastructure, hierarchical layouts and data mining processes that transform the presentation of your data into something beautiful.