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Demand Generation Strategies

In today’s buyer-centric B2B market, you need an informed demand generation strategy that helps you capture, engage, and retain customers. Join this summit to learn about the most effective and innovative strategies for generating demand and converting it through the funnel.

Swiping Right: Modern Social Media Marketing

Until recently there were three main players of the social media game. Today, those positions have changed and diversified with each new platform serving a niche role despite having massive user bases. The entire motivation behind social media is the ‘social’ aspect, but how can business still reach the end consumer when these platforms are allowing a more one-sided, temporary context?

B2B Content Marketing

B2B organizations are continuously increasing their investment in content marketing. How do you ensure that your collateral resonates with your prospect audience and generates tangible lead engagement? Outline your roadmap from concept to conversation.

RampUp Virtual Summit

People-Based Measurement

For the inaugural RampUp Virtual Summit, we’re focusing on today’s hottest topic: people-based measurement. These sessions, presented by our measurement partners and industry experts, are developed for the data-driven marketer who manages display advertising campaigns, from planning and execution to analysis, across programmatic, Facebook, and Google. Attendees will learn the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies available for understanding and optimizing the cross-channel performance of their campaigns through the lens of real world examples and case studies.

Mark as Important: Modern Email Marketing

As global machine learning A.I. and algorithm influence email marketing and people are being replaced with systems, these are uncertain times for the email marketer. Will the machines make the role and function obsolete, or will we work in harmony with the system?

Account-Based Marketing and the Era of Targeting

The advent of marketing intelligence and machine learning has led many businesses begin hyper-targeting prospects. A personalized approach to business to prospect and business to client interactions has its benefits including a focused sales and marketing strategy and a happier customer base.

Marketing Intelligence and Analytics

Advancements in marketing intelligence and analytics have enabled marketers to streamline demand, performance and ROI to better align with business metrics and support growth. Marketers are using analytics to analyze the effectiveness of automation, build out predictive models, personalization, and performance metrics, leading to less waste and increased revenue.

Foundational Demand Generation Strategies

Demand generation is the foundation of any marketing team, but it’s not always sturdy itself. Establishing a strong lead and customer lifecycle that increases close rates and lowers churn is vital for any business’s growth plans.

B2B Content Marketing

In the crowded and oversaturated B2B market, the best content marketers have more on their mind than just producing the next piece of content. It’s a dogfight to beat your competition and get in front of your target audience of potential buyers. Are you winning or simply participating? Join this summit to learn what tools and strategies you can launch to stand out in the B2B battlefield.

Marketing Intelligence and Analytics

Without question, one of the top beneficiaries of the big data boom has been marketing intelligence. From industry mapping to customer and competitor intelligence, data has filled in the gaps that had previously made it difficult to explain marketing decision-making. This summit will look at the technologies, the metrics and processes needed to achieve the level of sophistication required to position your company amongst the data-driven elites.